A.C. Rijnberg transport service transports to and from many countries in Europe. In addition to our daily main routes in Benelux, Germany and France we also provide transportation to any destination in and out of Europe. 

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles. We maintain the fleet ourselves and as such are involved in both the technical aspect and the representativeness. Our fleet and our drivers are our calling cards. We provide domestic and international transports for both regular goods and ADR-goods. As such the quality standard SQAS is one of our quality management systems here. This means that the transportation of chemical goods take place in a safe, high quality and environmentally sound way. We are also ISO 9001: 2008 certified. All drivers have training on a regular basis and are in line with code 95 coding. This is mandatory for all professional drivers from the EU and those working in the EU. 

Service levels at A.C Rijnberg transportservice are always given the highest priority. By using TMS and track&trace we can, at any given time see where the cargo is and when it will arrive. Timely delivery of your transports is key. Furthermore we strive to find a solution to every transport related question. In addition to transportation we also have storage options available in Terneuzen.

Daily destinations
On a daily basis we drive to:

Transport options
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