A.C. Rijnberg is a groupage specialist in France, particularly in the regions of Normandy and Brittany (Le Havre – Paris - Quimper/Brest). We are present here on a daily basis and as such are highly flexible. Thanks to the short communication lines with our customers, good planning and our drivers we are able to work quickly and efficiently.

Cross docking
We have 1000 m2 available for cross docking at our site in Terneuzen. Goods are not stored but are directly sorted and made ready for the next available transport. In addition we have professional storage facilities

Own drivers
The groupage and transportation activities are performed by our own drivers using our own equipment. We have years of experience in France; we know the fastest routes and where the potential problem areas are. 

Need groupage in France?
Do you have any questions about groupage in Normandy and Brittany? If so, please contact us.

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