The vehicle fleet is at the heart of our organisation. We handle our vehicles with care. Together with our drivers they are our company's calling card. 

Our fleet
Our fleet consists of:52 towing units and 70 towed units (with load and release valve) with TÜV certificate. Of these, the majority are tower - trailer combination and others a combination of motor vehicle - trailer. 

We also have:
- Container chassis
- Courier buses for fast transport
- Coil trailers
- Tautliners with load or release valve 

We also have multiple LHV's/Ecocombi's. The total length of an LHV is 25.25 meters. This means approximately 60% additional load capacity compared to a standard trailer. Because fuel consumption barely increases, a saving of 30% on fuel is made when transporting goods by LHV. We always use a combination vehicle, which, following disconnection or division is easily manoeuvrable in difficult to reach locations. 

A.C. Rijnberg transportservice has its own modern workshop. We perform small and large-scale maintenance in-house. This is, in our opinion a prerequisite for efficient and reliable transport. Furthermore we work towards the safety of our drivers and other road users.

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