A.C. Rijnberg transportservice b.v. is a true family business. Its history goes back to 1914, which was when grandfather Rijnberg started as an agent in the shipping industry, with regular sailings from Terneuzen-Ghent to London. Over the course of the years, his son, A.C. Rijnberg sr. took the business over. He expanded into general cargo services. 

Road transport
Initially the transportation of general cargo goods took place by inland water vessels; from Rotterdam via Vlissingen to Terneuzen. By the end of the fifties road transport was becoming increasingly important. In addition the Rijnberg family were providing ship broker activities.

International transport
During the late sixties, sons A.C. Rijnberg jr and F.L. Rijnberg continued with the road transport. Initially this took place locally, but gradually the focus shifted towards international transportation. If the brothers each decided to go their seperate ways, A.C. Rijnberg transportservice b.v. was now in existence. 

Focus on transport
At the beginning of the 21st Century, the ship-broker activities stopped. Our business was now focussed entirely on international road transport and the associated freight forwarding and storage activities. In 2010 brother D.C. R.P Rijnberg and son R.P. Rijnberg joined the business. 

Family business
As with many family businesses, our business is based on passion and loyalty and we are firmly committed to continuity. We strive for long-term relationships, both with our customers and our employees. Thanks to our flat organisational structure we have short communication lines enabling us to work flexibly and quickly.

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