Container transport

If you are interested in transporting, importing, or exporting your goods through container transport, A.C. Rijnberg Transport is the right choice for you. We offer various options for container transport both domestically and internationally.

A.C. Rijnberg Transport is located in Terneuzen, strategically positioned between the ports of Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Antwerp, allowing us to quickly load and unload your containers.

Thanks to our daily routes, we can quickly get your 20 ft, 40 ft, or 45 ft containers to the ports. We maintain daily communication with the shipping companies and are thus well-informed of the closing times.

Sea freight

We can transport your containers as a separate transport service or in combination with sea freight. This ensures that your transport is fully taken care of. We provide worldwide transport services from door to door, with contacts in different ports and various shipping companies. We can book your containers and ensure that they are on the quay before the closing times.

Customs formalities

Permission from customs is always required to unload goods from the ship. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, certain customs formalities must be completed, including the handling of the customs clearance procedure.

At A.C. Rijnberg Transport, we have the contacts and expertise to handle this process on your behalf, taking care of your entire container transport needs.



We can take care of your container transport worldwide. Your 20 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft containers are shipped from the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Zeebrugge. We have experience in several countries, including:


  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Finland


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Your partner in transport



We can confidently say that we are a specialist in France!

Whether it's LTL, FTL, partial shipments, or groupage shipments, A.C. Rijnberg Transport can take care of it for you! The majority of our fleet is located in France on a daily basis. Our strength lies especially in groupage or LTL shipments.

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Daily, we drive through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, whether it's for LTL or FTL shipments. We can also provide groupage for you in the Benelux. We depart from our crossdock in Terneuzen to various destinations.

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Are you looking for transport to and from Germany? A.C. Rijnberg Transport can take care of this for you! We drive several trucks in Germany every day, especially around the Ruhr area.

In Germany, we also handle general cargo, groupage, and/or ADR goods, both Full Load and Part Load are transported to and from Germany daily.

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