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Versatile transportation by A.C. Rijnberg Transport

Versatile transportation services by A.C. Rijnberg Transport

A.C. Rijnberg Transport is your reliable logistics partner. We offer a versatile transportation service, including general cargo transport, groupage and container transport, and transportation to France, Germany, and the Benelux.

In addition, we offer various storage options in our warehouses and have cross-docking facilities on Koegorsstraat in Terneuzen. Rijnberg Transport provides efficient and flexible logistics services without compromising our service. You can count on A.C. Rijnberg Transport for this level of service.

A.C. Rijnberg Transport Services

We offer our services throughout Europe! You can find us frequently in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, as well as in France and Germany.

  • Groupage
  • General cargo
  • ADR
  • Expedition
  • Warehousing / Cross-docking
  • Container transport / Sea freight
  • France
  • Germany
  • Benelux


Our specializations are in transportation to and from France, especially Normandy and Brittany, and transportation to and from Germany, especially around the Ruhr area. With our years of experience in these regions, we know the best and fastest routes. Our drivers are familiar with the regulations in these areas and provide full support to our customers. We can handle full loads, groupage, and/or general cargo transport for you. In addition, we use several reliable subcontractors to offer transportation throughout Europe with the necessary flexibility.

Multimodal Transport

We can also offer you multimodal transport, such as container transport and rail transport!

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We can confidently say that we are a specialist in France!

Whether it's LTL, FTL, partial shipments, or groupage shipments, A.C. Rijnberg Transport can take care of it for you! The majority of our fleet is located in France on a daily basis. Our strength lies especially in groupage or LTL shipments.

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Daily, we drive through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, whether it's for LTL or FTL shipments. We can also provide groupage for you in the Benelux. We depart from our crossdock in Terneuzen to various destinations.

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Are you looking for transport to and from Germany? A.C. Rijnberg Transport can take care of this for you! We drive several trucks in Germany every day, especially around the Ruhr area.

In Germany, we also handle general cargo, groupage, and/or ADR goods, both Full Load and Part Load are transported to and from Germany daily.

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Lean and Green

Lean & Green is the leading CO2 reduction program that both shipping and companies working in logistics can participate in. The program aims to structurally reduce CO2 emissions in logistics by activating collaborations, sharing knowledge, and implementing smart and effective measures.

Logistics Award

In 2013, we won the Lean and Green Logistics Award, and two years later, we received the 1st STAR. Since 2017, we have continued to implement CO2-saving measures through analysis, as measuring is knowing and improving! And we are fully committed to achieving the 2nd STAR!

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